A downloadable VR Physics Experiment for Windows

This is an Oculus Rift VR experiment where I try to give the player a full virtual body with real life physics constraints when interacting with the environment. The challenge being how to create such effect without breaking the users inmersion with desynched hand positions when trying to go through objects in game.

The body is being controlled by Inverse Kinematics (FinalIK) using the controllers and headset's positions as the targets for the IK system.

I give the player's hands physics-like interactions using Unity's physic system to be able to collide with solid object, knock them down, grab them and interact with the world as if you were in real life. You have a pistol and a shotgun as two starting guns you can use since the target is to make a little framework to create VR FPS games in the future.

This is a work in progress project being developed for university as an experiment. All feedback is wellcome so fell free to comment if you tried it :)

Install instructions

To play this you just need to download it and play it with your Oculus Rift connected.

There are two versions for this experiment, full body (with a full body virtual representation) and hands only (with only your hands representing the player in game). You have different executables for the different environment demos to test individual features.

The movement in the scene works using the joystick on your left controller, and the one in your right controller is used to rotate the camera at fixed angle intervals.

To grab objects and interact with the environment, such as objects or drawers, use the grip buttons and to use the guns once grabbed press the trigger buttons.

In order to shoot with the shotgun you need to use the pump with your other hand like a real pump action shotgun IRL.


VRPysicsHandsOnlyDemo.rar 613 MB
VRPysicsFullBodyDemo.rar 614 MB


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still working on this?

I'm making it from scratch in order to get a better and more extendable result since last time I had little time to make it.

Will post it here as well once I have a decent demo :)

steamvr? (vive/index, i still have my old vive lying around so either will do)

I have not tried it with steam VR but might work as is. Either way I'm working on making it specofically for index now that I have it and add new stuff and fix old bugs.

Nice, I'll try it with ReVive to see if it works but if it doesn't I'll just wait

Cool! Let me know if it does work. At the time I didn't have any vive devices to test it.